Job Market Agencies

Business and Economic Development (DBED)
DBED's mission is to attract new businesses, stimulate private investment and create jobs, encourage the expansion and retention of existing companies and provide businesses in Maryland with workforce training and financial assistance. The department promotes the State's many economic advantages and markets local products and services at home and abroad to spur economic development, international trade and tourism. Because they are a major economic generator, the department also supports the arts, film production, sports and other special events.

Job Corps
Job Corps is a no-cost education and vocational training program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor that helps young people ages 16 through 24 get a better job, make more money and take control of their lives.

Labor, Licensing and Regulation (DLLR)
This agency provides job development and promotion which ensure our citizens have the skills and expertise to move with our economy into the next century.   DLLR is also striving to make our workplaces the safest in the nation and providing the highest quality consumer services; thereby touching Marylanders in many ways.

Lower Shore Workforce Alliance
The Lower Shore Workforce Alliance in partnership with the Tri-County Council for the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland and local elected officials from Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester counties provides policy and oversight for Workforce Investment Act (WIA) funds and programs. WIA services are primarily delivered at the One-Stop Job Market located at 917 Mount Hermon Road in Salisbury, Maryland. (410) 341-6515.

MAC - Senior Employment Program
MAC is the designated office on aging for Dorchester, Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester Counties.  MAC Incorporated, an equal opportunity employer and service provider, serves as a focal point from which to address social and economic needs identified by older persons; and to provide a full range of services including health, nutrition, transportation, employment, education, recreation, and long term care services.

Rehabilitation Services (DORS)
The Lower Eastern Shore office of field services located in the One-Stop Job Market prepares people with disabilities to go to work, to stay on the job, or remain independent in the home or community. Rehabilitation counselors in offices throughout Maryland provide or arrange for services that may include career counseling, assistive technology, vocational training and/or job placement assistance.

Shore Transit
Welcome aboard Shore Transit, the regional public transportation system in Somerset,  Wicomico, and Worcester Counties on Maryland's Lower Eastern Shore.

Social Services (DSS)
Wicomico County Department of Social Services leads the community through effective partnerships, which strengthen and preserve families, protect individuals from abuse and neglect, and promote self-sufficiency for all people.

Telamon Corporation
Since 1965, Telamon Corporation has provided supportive assistance to untold numbers of recipients. Farmworkers and their families, children born into poverty, low-income and elderly residents of rural America, youth who struggle with societal challenges, the dislocated and disenfranchised comprise this universe of people in need.

Tri-County Council of the Lower Eastern Shore
The Tri-County Council for the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland was formed by an Act of the Maryland General Assembly in 2001. The purpose of the Council is to facilitate regional planning and development in Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester counties.

Tri-County Workforce Development Initiative
The Tri-County Workforce Development Initiative address employment needs providing an array of services to the residents of Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester Counties. We provide local residents skills, opportunities, and supportive services to reach their goal of self-sufficiency.

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