Are You a Job Seeker?

The Lower Shore Workforce Alliance assists 2 categories of adults who are seeking jobs:  Economically disadvantaged and dislocated workers.  The economically disadvantaged individual is unemployed or is not able to earn enough income to support his or her needs.  To learn more about this category go to Recently Unemployed.  The dislocated worker is someone who has lost their job not as a result of their performance.  They have lost their job due to being laid off from their company due to economic conditions.  To learn more about dislocated workers, go to Dislocated Worker.

The assistance provided by the Lower Shore Workforce Alliance (LSWA) is authorized and governed by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).  This act provides training assistance for those individuals who qualify.

Once an individual is WIOA certified and has become employed in another geographic area, at least 50 miles from current residence, he or she may apply for Relocation Assistance.  A meeting is scheduled with the lower Shore Workforce Alliance Job Counselor prior to their permanent move to their new job location.  This meeting allows for the completion of the paperwork required to provide the relocation assistance.